All new motorcycles debut: new design of each part of the pursuit of the one and only


In October 16th, the global smart bike sharing pioneer and leader of all travel today officially released a new generation of models, the minimalist design language, the body weight dropped to the lowest in the industry, greatly reduce the burden of riding users, and will launch the automatic transmission version, called the most light, sharing best riding motorcycles.

From the early classic are travel, to the second generation of lightweight Lite version of the bicycle, and then in April this year, released the third generation of "wind up" bicycles, motorcycles have experienced three times of comprehensive upgrade. A new generation of electric bicycle are released today by the appearance of the new and innovative technology, the vehicle shape simple lines and smooth, people find everything fresh and new.

A new generation of all motorcycles redesigned every body parts, in the premise of ensuring safety and durability under reduced as far as possible every 1 grams of weight, the strength of the body over the EU standards 50%, while the vehicle weighs only 15.5kg, become the mainstream in the market the lightest bike sharing. At the same time, in order to have motorcycles over 200 thousand human engineering laboratory experiment data as the basis, a new generation of electric bicycle are facelift and development of Dow Chemical combined new low resistance solid tyre, riding road resistance is reduced by 27%.

A new generation of electric bikes are first introduced "professional cycling power" concept. Riding power refers to the product of the force exerted on the pedal and the frequency of the stampede, which can be simply understood as the effort cost when riding. The lower it means, the more effort to ride the bike. Dudu jungler human engineering laboratory data show that a new generation of power riding motorcycles bike sharing are only 67% other brands.

A new generation of electric bicycle industry for the first time, automobile chassis tuning technology applied to the bicycle, by resetting the transmission gear ratio, starting more brisk, pedal a week to enhance the effectiveness of 36%. In addition, the brand new ergonomic frame and steering design are combined with the Italy brand adjustable seat with height gauge, which makes the riding posture more natural and relaxed, and better meets the needs of different height users.

A new generation of electric bicycle are use embedded chain drive system in the new R & D, make riding experience more lively at the same time, through the ingenious design ensures the ball dropped, folder feet, greatly enhance the reliability, durability and easy maintenance. The new car has redesigned the classic Dudu six hub, with a new generation of magnesium alloy material, lighter weight, higher strength, better toughness.

The introduction of new generation models, marks are motorcycle industrial design level has reached a new height, set a new benchmark for the industry. From the ergonomic design of new composite materials, the automatic transmission technology to the professional level adjustment system, a new generation of all motorcycles through more than 200 innovations, make riding more lightsome, make life easier, make city life better."