Fenpay, durian tech, Cathay Bank three party close cooperation to promote the further development of Dutrip in the ASEAN region

Digital news: 27, digital asset International Group Executive Director Mr. Aaron told the H. articles treasure Asia Pacific executive director Mr.Andy W., executive director of the Mr. C.C technology Kampuchea durian Liu line was invited to the Cathay United Bank headquarters in Kampuchea to implement the points to pay treasure, Dutrip and Cathay Bank in the ASEAN region consumer finance cooperation details.

Some Cathay Bank Kampuchea office president Mr. Zhang led the team approached, vice president of the international credit card and electronic commerce department, Mr. Luo bank vice president of corporate finance division, the International Center for International Settlements vice president Mr. Xu, vice president of international consumer finance project department Mr. Huang attended the meeting, the meeting has milepost level. The three party cooperation will be set up in a comprehensive way from Kampuchea and will deepen the development of the overall ASEAN market for the development of services. It is expected to reach a level of 100 billion in the next three years.