The chance is not in a rich place is not in the predicament in the rapid development


In the 90s of last century, a mobile phone cost more than ten thousand yuan. Now the mobile phone is only one thousand yuan, which is ten thousand yuan twenty years ago, which is equivalent to one hundred thousand yuan now. The comprehensive cost of consumption in the developed countries has been reduced, the profits are transparent and there is no profit. So, in a poor place, the consumption is more expensive, there are many opportunities, and the money is good.


Cambodia is now equivalent to the 90s of the last century in China. The economy is developing rapidly and reform and opening up in an all-round way. The opportunity is rare in the age of profiteering. The people here generally use dollars, go sit all cars, starting price of $2 in China taxi as long as ten yuan from Kampuchea to 6-10 dollars Dudu car.


The opportunity is not in the rich area, not in the poor area, but in the fast developing area! All the quasi property, "all travel" for overseas investors to value a property number, quickly seize the opportunity to squeeze all the wealth of travel "ride, starting the ASEAN market big bucks, realize the great dream of wealth accumulation!