Why is Cambodia a new favorite for investors?

1, Cambodia demographic dividend is emerging

At present, about 50% of the population of Cambodia are young people under the age of 25, indicating that the demographic dividend has not been released for nearly 30 years. This also shows that Cambodia has a larger proportion of the labor age population in the total population, creating favorable population conditions for economic development, and promoting the Cambodia economy to be characterized by high investment and high growth.


2, Cambodia the political and economic environment is becoming more and more stable

Cambodia Prime Minister Hong Sen called the Indochina strongman in the full vigour of life. He made a lot of favorable economic development and national policy in harmonious administration, adhere to the foreign policy of nonalignment peace and neutrality, to build a favorable environment for the development of external peace Cambodia national economy in recent years has been on the right track, to maintain steady and rapid development, social stability. The country is in an upward trend, both politically and economically.



3, Cambodia open financial market

Cambodia, loose foreign exchange control and free and open financial market, especially in the dollar dominated market, can keep investors' money in check. This is the advantage that many countries can not compare with them. Cambodia and US dollars can be circulated in Cambodia, and the streets and alleys of the Cambodia city can be exchanged for other currencies.


4, Cambodia is becoming the "new economic tiger in Asia"

Vice president of the National Bank Cambodia said Ms. Neja Tana interviewed by the media, Cambodia GDP of GDP from 2013 has maintained a growth rate of 7%, the next few years, Cambodia still maintain the level of growth, which will enable Cambodia to become the "new tiger" Asian economy has become possible.


5, Cambodia real estate is rising rapidly

Like China's real estate industry, Cambodia is now developing real estate everywhere. Infrastructure is everywhere. There are various business opportunities everywhere. Real estate is often a country's economic indicator, a dynamic and promising city can support the growth of house prices. In 2016, there were 2636 approved construction projects in Cambodia, up 143% from 2015, and the future of the Cambodia industry was immeasurable.


6. The rapid growth of the economy ushered in the release of the demographic dividend

A survey shows that 16.2% of Cambodia people leave the countryside to find jobs in the city every year. According to Phnom Penh, tall bamboo DImax, Phnom Penh, currently has 2 million people, the annual population is increasing at a rate of 4%, and each emerging metropolis is the same, is also gradually expanding downtown Phnom penh.

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7, Dutrip makes life better

In order to enrich the road, the major cities of Cambodia have begun to show the prosperity of Luqiao in China in the last century. With the rapid growth of economy and the promotion of population mobility, the demand for travel services is the first big wealth draught. Based on this, the development and utilization can also generate larger demographic bonus.


"Dutrip" is a green travel software platform, using the "shared consumption finance" mode of operation, is committed to providing people with green and convenient travel services, while providing more ordinary people with opportunities for Inclusive Finance, to make life better and more harmonious society.


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8, Dutrip first level property right achievement overseas investment dream

Today, you are in Cambodia, just like thirty years ago in China. It is everywhere to invest in value depressions, where there are prospects everywhere. This information gap and opportunity difference caused by time difference is very rare for everyone who is in Cambodia.


 Because of time constraints or eye problems, you miss the golden age of China's economic growth. Now, do you have to miss the best time to invest in Cambodia because of the hesitation?

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