Dutrip make a good life


In 2017, from scratch.
Before June 28th,
Durian is a very delicious fruit,
After that, people gradually know,
Durian tech is a very good platform for the Internet of things!


Durian tech is committed to,
Let dutrip make a good life!
Deep ploughing of the consumer market in a shared economic model
Enlarging the value of life with financial depository,
In the future, consumption for the aged can be realized.


In 2018, sail the sail.
Consumption is a gush of rivers,
All travel is the river dam power,
The flow of water is not diminished, and it will increase in value.
Large data aggregate consumption fragments.


There was no way in the world.

There are many ways to walk.
The forerunner has a hardship to have a toll station,
The latter paid the fee to reply.
Welcome to Dutrip!


Dutrip,Make life better!



"Dutrip"is a green travel software platform by durian Tech, the sharing of consumer finance "modeof operation, is committed to provide people with a green and convenient travelservices, while providing inclusive financial opportunities for more ordinarypeople, make life more beautiful, more harmonious society.


"Dutrip" haschanged the traditional mode of car sharing, let the driver and passengers fromthe right to the use of the shared (actually lease) to upgrade to shareddistribution rights (shared consumption), a new way to develop mobile Internetera lead users modern travel, sharing platform is the first true sense of theworld.