Premier Hong Sen is interested in meeting dutrip drivers at the grass-roots level

Digital news: January 14th, coincided with the 33 year anniversary of the ruling, Cambodia's prime minister Hong Sen particularly concerned about the livelihood of the people in the morning, diamond Island met the super 4000 dutrip driver, from the Royal University of Cambodia students, to thank them for making contributions to the development of new economy in Cambodia.


During the exchange of Hong Sen and the people of the "dutrip" was founded in June 2017, the cause of a group of Cambodia Royal University students fully affirmed, for young people like, believe that the "new power sharing consumer finance -- dutrip" will bring the nation science and technology revolution, to encourage young people to actively look outward, powerful neighbor Chinese a market study, learn from their most advanced development concepts, grasp the development trend of the times and the opportunity to do some achievements, to serve the country, serve the people.


Recalling the period of 33 years in power, Hong Sen said that Cambodia had suffered many crises and difficulties, but had been lucky to overcome it, and now Cambodia is developing actively. In a December 27, 2017 speech, Hong Sen vowed to be in power for at least 10 years on the basis of more than 30 years of power. Hong Sen said: when the prime minister is in the national interests of the people and not for their own personal desire. For the upcoming 2018 general election, Hong Sen called on people to vote for the people's party, hoping that they could continue to lead Cambodia. In 2050, Cambodia will be transformed from a developing country to a developed country.