The leader of durian tech group inspects the ASEAN market

Digital Express: in February 20th, Andy Liu rate core management team of durian technology group started from Hongkong, and began a five day market inspection visit. It focused on three markets in Kampuchea, Thailand and Vietnam.

At present, Kampuchea market operating momentum is good, vehicle maintenance status is excellent, zero damage record. But also encountered some obstacles in the operation, is the ordinary people of Kampuchea for the shared economic model is still very strange, for consumer behavior told the bank card payment cost bound treasure is still a little worried about resistance, account security funds bind bank card, more users prefer to pay cash to buy coupons".

The intention partners of Thailand and Vietnam are very sincere to start the market, but the pressure to complete 3000 property rights subscriptions at once is too great. The market expects the entry threshold to be reduced.

Five days to visit three market after the end of the durian technology operation core management team on the market after analyzing the problem, decided to adjust the 2018 operation strategy: first, the market planning from the original to the country as the unit to adjust for units in the city; second, to the ASEAN region operation experience into Chinese mainland market; third, in the global scope of city partnership property collection.

We have reason to believe that, with the Chinese mainland market opening, the formation of the interactive development of good will and the ASEAN market, to promote the cause of all travel to get rapid development in the world.