A citizen in Shenzhen is sentenced to 6 months' imprisonment for sharing his bicycle.

According to Xinhua, a Shenzhen citizen has been sentenced to 6 months in prison for theft by the people's Court of Longgang District of Shenzhen, and a fine of RMB 3000 yuan, according to Xinhua news network, as a result of a sawing lock and trying to hold two shared bicycles for their own.

According to the report, the court found that in January 25th this year, the defendant, Wei Mou, quietly pushed two motorbie shared bicycles from the front of the Yongchang Industrial Zone, Longgang, to its factory warehouse, and saw it off with a factory's hand model machine and then hid it in a generator room for its own.

When Wei saw the car lock, he happened to be caught by a passing crowd and took a video to the Internet. After the mission of the motorbike was heard, its operators checked the number of the bicycle through the video on the Internet, and checked the last cycling records of two stolen bicycles and their specific positions through the GPS positioning system, and then alerts the public security organs.

Longgang District AI Lian police station rushed to the scene and captured the weir country. It was identified that two stolen bicycles shared 4760 yuan worth of bicycles. The defendant, Wei country, confessed his criminal facts and voluntarily confessed and punished him. In the opinion of the people's Court of Longgang District, the defendant's behavior in Wei's country has formed a crime of theft, and the circumstances of a minor punishment with a confession and punishment have been adopted, and the above judgment is adopted by the sentencing proposal of the public prosecution organ.

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