Dutrip owners' riding group is well received by consumer merchants

Digital news: in May 20th, the Dutrip Dongguan service center, organized Tianxin station, organized more than 20 property rights holders to take part in the weekend "riding and consuming" activities. The property owners of the activities took part in the group from Tian Xin service station, 10 kilometers in one word, at noon, at the "Hunan Hunan cuisine restaurant", and more than 20 Dutrip bike neatly parked. Outside the business, there is a beautiful scenic line attracting many diners. Business owners enthusiastically received the "Dutrip owners riding group", which is very welcome to "Dutrip property owners" often to consume, as a statement can give 10% of the consumer reward, looking forward to the long-term cooperation with "Dutrip".