Dutrip 005 Zhanjiang service center is officially opened

Digital Express: in June 16th, Dutrip Zhanjiang service station was officially opened. Mr. Allen, executive president of the Asia Pacific region of DurianTech holding group, Ms. Marry Chen, President of YIBON International Holding Group's China district service, Mr. Arslem Kon, President of Trend Captal holding group, China District Service president, DAMIN International Holding Group, President Thomas Liao, Dongguan Ltd. Mr. Li Xuanyu, Mr. Yu Liqiang, general manager of Guangdong loefeng Industrial Co., Ltd., general manager of durian information technology (Zhanjiang) Co., Ltd., and more than 100 representatives of property rights from all over the world attended the opening ceremony.

On the morning of 16, 20 representatives of property rights took part in the cycling activities. In the afternoon, a grand opening ceremony was held. At the meeting, EV commemorative coins and riding MV were sent. Mr. Allen, executive president of the Asia Pacific region of DurianTech holding group, shared the theme of "changing the world with the Internet of things", and described the business model, service concept and future vision of Dutrip to the participants. The guests were rewarded with a great deal of praise and expectation for the value vision of Dutrip, Du Trip's "better life" service concept has attracted the deep recognition of many people and investors.

On the day of the meeting, Mr. Thomas Liao, President of the Chinese District Service of Daming International Holding Group, announced that Daming group will take the exclusive service provider of "Dutrip" in Zhuhai, Foshan, Maoming, Chaozhou, Zhongshan and other cities in Guangdong. Another mysterious guest announced the authorization of "Dutrip" exclusive service provider in Hebei Shijiazhuang, Hebei Zhengding, Henan Zhengzhou and other cities.

DurianTech, executive director of Asia Pacific region, Mr. Allen shared, "who knows? Which one is not? All we want to do is to make life more and more beautiful. Dutrip will always adhere to the "better life" service concept, conscientiously do better service, for more people in the world to provide high quality Internet of things + digital life supporting services, create a better tomorrow!