Dutrip 008 Baoding Riding Bikes Club is officially opened

Digital news: in June 28th, Dutrip and China Railway electrician jointly organized the "Dutrip Riding Bikes Club BaoDing Railway Station activities" has been successfully concluded! Dutrip, President of Dutrip, President of Dutrip (Handan) technology limited, Ms. Zhang Yanling, chairman of Dutrip (Shijiazhuang) Technology Co., Ltd. and chairman Zhang Gengsheng, chairman of the Dutrip (Baoding) technology limited company, and other important leading guests to attend, North China 50 The multiple property rights delegations participated in the event. Although today's temperature is as high as 40 degrees, the partners who ride in the heat are more enthusiastic than the temperature. The appearance of Dutrip bike attracted the curiosity and surround of the local people. He strongly supported and accepted Dutrip's landing in Baoding and said she would take an active part in it. Practice tells us where Dutrip is! Dutrip, make life better! Be sure to do it! The next stop is Xingtai's Dutrip cycling club opening 30 this month. We welcome people from all walks of life to join us!