Dutrip 010 HuiZhou Riding Bikes Club is officially opened

Digital news: there is a city in Guangdong called Huizhou. There is a famous Bay called the Xia Chung in Huizhou. There is a large cluster of leisure resort hotel apartments, called bubble sea. Today, Dutrip International Cycling Club held a cheerful launching ceremony here. The reason why it is cheerful is that the event has attracted dozens of men, women, children and young people on the beach to participate in riding experience spontaneously. Dutrip International Cycling Club, China service provider, President Chen Yi Ding, President of Yi Bang International Group, attended and hosted the launching ceremony. An important person in charge of the bubble sea community said that Dutrip filled the 1~3 km gap in the community, and will be warmly welcomed by the visitors. They are willing to provide better service to the tourists with Dutrip and make life better!