Dutrip 012 Anyang service center is officially opened

Digital Express: in July 14th, Dutrip Anyang service station was officially opened. Mr. Allen, CEO of Durian Tech Holding Group Asia Pacific region, Ms. Marry Chen, President of China District Service of International Holding Group, Mr. Penfei Kong, President of service of Trend Capital International Holding Group, general manager of Dutrip (Dongguan) Technology Co., Ltd., chairman of Li Xuanyu, Dutrip (Handan) Technology Co., Ltd. Ms. Zhang Lihua, Mr. Xu Wanchang, chairman of the chairman of Dutrip (Suzhou) technology limited, Mr. Liao Guoqiang, chairman of Dutrip (Yangjiang) technology limited company, general manager of Dutrip (Zhanjiang) technology limited company, Ms. Deng Jinzhen, Dudu information (Shijiazhuang) Technology Co., Ltd., Dutrip (Baoding) technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhang Gengshen, chairman of the Dutrip (Anyang) Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Hongbin, and nearly 200 representatives from all over the world attended the opening ceremony.

On the morning of 14, 40 representatives of property rights took part in the cycling activities. In the afternoon, it was a grand opening ceremony. Mr. Allen, CEO of the Asia Pacific region of the Durian Tech Holdings Group, shared the theme of "changing the world with the Internet of things", and described the business model, service concept and future vision of Dutrip to the participants, and the guests were rewarded and enthusiastic. Dutrip's two months in the global launch of 23 urban markets has shocked all of the guests. We have added praise to the business model of Dutrip and look forward to the value of Dutrip. Dutrip "better life" has attracted a lot of people and investors in the depth of identification. On the spot, the company has determined the cooperation intention of 6 urban service centers, such as "Langfang, Wuan, Yongnian, Maoming, Enping, Yangchun" and so on. Dutrip is creating a new trend - the Internet of things consumption platform, which is a new economic field of 30 trillion annual output value, which is worthy of mutual capital and cooperation and common development.